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000065259 245__ $$aBYOD for physics lab: Studying Newton''s law of cooling with a smartphone
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000065259 5203_ $$aIn this paper we discuss a simple and inexpensive method to introduce students to Newton''s law of cooling using only their smartphones, according to the Bring-Your-Own-Device philosophy. A popular experiment in basic thermodynamics, both at a high-school and at University level, is the determination of the specific heat of solids and liquids using a water calorimeter, resourcing in many cases to a mercury thermometer. With our approach the analogical instrument is quickly turned into a digital device by analyzing the movement of the mercury with a video tracker. Tus, using very simple labware and the students'' smartphones or tablets, it is possible to observe the decay behavior of the temperature of a liquid lef to cool at room temperature. Te dependence of the time constant with the mass and surface of the liquid can be easily probed, and the results of the different groups in the classroom can be brought together to observe the linear dependence.
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