Absceso submandibular producido por caries dental
Resumen: Dental caries is a destructive bacterial disease of dental structures produced by microorganisms that are part of the oral flora. It is the most common infectious disease in childhood. We report the case of a three-year-old girl who presented with pain and tooth abscess, caries located at the lower right second temporal molar, that, in spite of antibiotic treatment, was followed by a torpid evolution, and evolved into a submandibular fluctuating abscess that required drainage and antibiotics to its final resolution two months after the extraction of the tooth. Tooth decay is the most common disorder in preschool and school children, and, in addition to local problems, is the gateway to systemic infections, which determines its social-healthcare relevance. The first dental visit should take place in the first year of life, as the Odontopediatric Spanish Society recommends. It is necessary a positive reinforcement by the doctor and/or dentist that helps to decrease the prevalence of dental caries and its complications.
Idioma: Español
Año: 2016
Publicado en: Pediatría atención primaria 18, 71 (2016), e107-e110
ISSN: 1139-7632

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