High Frequency Trading

Universidad de Zaragoza

Resumen: In such a competitive environment like high finance is, long-term incomes are usually discarded to satisfy the always demanding short-term necessities of shareholders. Thanks to use of computer tools, some software has been developed to let computer programs acquire securities like stocks or options. The particularity of the these commercial activities consists on that they take place in a matter of milliseconds. Therefore, it could be a little bit frightening to make a reflexion of how many billionaire transactions flow in those unbelievable short periods, even more, realizing that those operations are managed by machines instead of specialized persons. So, this paper will try do a significant analyse of these complex systems that can have a tremendous influence on global economy. Varying opinions have been given about these revolutionary tools, so different point of views will be exposed and analysed. Finally the author of the present text will expose its own opinion and conclusions.

Palabra(s) clave: high frequency trading ; quote stuffing ; securities ; stocks ; algorithms ; game theories

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